Tire noise and vibration problems can be caused by a variety of reasons, some of which are related to the tire itself and others to the vehicle's suspension and steering system. Below are some of the possible causes of these problems:

1. Uneven tire wear: If the tires do not wear evenly due to poor alignment, lack of balance or problems with the suspension system, this can cause noise and vibration when rolling. Uneven wear creates uneven tire surfaces, which in turn affects vehicle stability.

2. Excessive tire wear: If your tires are excessively worn, especially on the edges, you will likely experience more noise and vibration. Worn tires are less able to absorb road imperfections, which increases vibration and noise sensations in the cabin.

3. Improperly balanced tires: Improper tire balancing can cause vibrations as you increase speed. This occurs because the weight on the tire is not evenly distributed, which causes decompensation and vibration in the steering wheel or in the vehicle in general.

4. Tire damage: Bumps, potholes or damage to tires can affect their structure and balance, leading to vibrations and noise while driving.

5. Suspension or steering problems: Worn or damaged components in the suspension or steering system can cause irregular wheel movements, which in turn causes noise and vibrations.

6. Unsuitable tires: Choosing inappropriate tires for the type of vehicle or driving conditions can cause noise and vibration problems. Tires with an aggressive tread pattern, for example, can generate more road noise.

7. Tire balancing issues: Sometimes wheels can be poorly balanced due to missing or misplaced counterweights, resulting in noticeable vibrations at specific speeds.

It is important to address these issues early as they can negatively affect the safety and performance of the vehicle. If you experience unusual noise or vibrations in your tires, it is advisable to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop for a proper inspection and diagnosis. Proper maintenance of your tires and suspension system will help ensure a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride.