Load and speed index

Load index and speed index are two alphanumeric codes printed on the sidewall of tires that provide important information about the maximum speed and load capacities the tire can safely handle. These codes are standardized and used throughout the world to facilitate the identification and proper selection of tires according to the needs of the vehicle and driving style. Let's see a detailed description of each one:

1. Load index:
The load index is a number that indicates the maximum load capacity that a tire can withstand under specific inflation conditions. Each number represents a maximum load in kilograms (kg). The higher the number, the greater the load capacity of the tire. The load index is accompanied by a conversion table showing the maximum load corresponding to each number. For example, a load index of 95 can support up to 690 kg per tire.

It is important to select a tire with a suitable load rating for the vehicle, considering the total load the vehicle will carry, including passengers and cargo in the trunk. In some cases, tires with a higher load rating than the vehicle's standard may be needed to handle additional loads or special activities, such as towing.

2. Speed ​​index:
The speed rating indicates the maximum speed that the tire can safely maintain under load conditions specified by the load rating. Each letter represents a specific speed and is associated with a maximum speed in kilometers per hour (km/h). As with the load index, there is a conversion table showing the maximum speed corresponding to each letter.

Speed ​​ratings range from "Q" (up to 160 km/h) to "Y" (up to 300 km/h), with some additional exceptions. For most passenger cars, tires typically have speed ratings high enough to exceed legal highway speeds, but for sports or high-performance vehicles, it is essential to ensure that the tires have a speed rating appropriate for the maximum speeds that the vehicle can reach.

In summary, when purchasing tires, it is essential to consider both the correct load rating and speed rating to ensure safe driving and optimal vehicle performance. These codes provide key information that will help drivers make informed decisions when selecting the right tires for their vehicle and driving style.